SparseNet V3.0

by Manfred Joswig

SparseNet V3.0 consists of the SONOGRAM detector, COASSEIN for network coincidence, and COAEBULL for bulletin comparison and statistics. There is also a command-line version of all programs that runs without graphics: SONO_dos, COAS_dos, and COAE_dos. Actually, these are QuickWin programs (instead of DOS) but they provide the path for a future LINUX implementation. For these versions, the full source code is supplied. To view any results and configuartion files, SNET_PAD is added. Actually it is just notepad.exe but it may be enhanced in future. All modules need Windows 3.xx or Windows 95 for execution.

In addition, this distribution contains two sets of seismograms with sufficient docu to evaluate detector performance:
- 15 data segments from the tripartite GIF array in Israel
- eight 4h continuous traces from four ARCESS stations in Norway.
Access of data is performed by header files. To convert your info into one of the supported SONODET formats, sample conversion programs NMX2sono, PDA2sono, and SFD2sono are supplied with source code. They do not convert the binary data files, however.

You will find these files in the distribution directory of SparseNet:
- All.zip Full distribution, contains the individual files
Snet_30.zip, Data_gif.zip, and Data_[1-8].zip
- Snet_30.zip Executables, Documentation, Source Code for Batch,
links incl. different command line options
- Data_gif.ziip Testdata_I with Ground Truth and Tutorial
(local events, 3 stations * 15 time segments)
- Data_[1-8].zip Testdata_II with Ground Truth and Tutorial
(regional events, 4 stat. * 4h+4h continuous)
All individual files are < 1.44 MB and fit on floppy disc.

To install SparseNet copy either All.zip OR all individual files to your computer, e.g., at C:\temp. If necessary, extract All.zip.

Extract the individual files to C:\ by WinZip PRESERVING the saved paths (or use the DOS PKUNZIP -d).
All files MUST be in C:\snet (other path only for data files).

The graphics was layout for 600*800 pixels. If you use more than 1024*768 pixel, adjust SONODET fonts in C:\Snet\bin\Snet_30.ini.

To access the programs with its different command line opions, invoce them by icons in C:\Snet\Commands\SparseNet V3.0. You may copy the icons to C:\windows\Start Menu or so.

Please refer to the description in C:\Snet\docu\1demos.doc for more processing details.

C:\Snet\docu\snet.doc gives you a short introduction. All details about program options and data formats are also in C:\Snet\docu. You need Word97 to utilize the link structure within the text.

Manfred Joswig