Homepage Institut fuer Geophysik Seismic Broadband Station STU (underground)


After closing the entrance door, you will have to follow a staircase to the underground.


Down there you will find our seismogram archive in a long corridor. The oldest seismograms stored here are from 1905 (see also the notes on history). You may also have a look at some retired instruments from former installations.

Workstation HADES

At the far end of the corridor you will meet our data acquisition system. It consists of one of the very first Quanterra systems and a Linux PC-Workstation (called HADES) running a COMSERV data storage process.

The date change to year 2000 required a hardware update of the data acquisition system. The system you see here is the former installation. You may meet the new workstation (STYX) in the internet at stu.geophys.uni-stuttgart.de (see also data retrieval facilities).

station seismometer

Finally we enter the seismometer vault. The silver reflecting thingumabob containes the STS-2. If you want to know more about it, have a look at our description on 'HOWTO perfectly hide a seismometer'.

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