General information



    Station Coordinates

    Latitude: 48° 46 ' 14.41''
    Longitude: 9° 11' 36.52''
    Altitude: 360 meters

    Location Description

    The station is on the south-east edge of the valley in which Stuttgart is situated. There are administrative and residential buildings nearby. A main streetcar line is about 100 meters away. The main noise source to the horizontal components are cars moving or parking on a street almost directly above the seismometer vault. Have a look at the map.

Geologic situation

    Piers are of concrete on hard triassic marls (middle Keuper km4). They are situated in an old air-raid shelter system about 20 meters below the local ground level. Have a look at the geologic map or a geologic cross section.

    Detailed maps of the air-raid shelter were first publicly released on February 16th, 2008 in the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. Here is the scanned map.




    The station is equipped with a Wielandt/Streckeisen STS-2 broad-band seismometer. It represents a high-pass filter for the ground velocity with an eigenperiod of 120.7 seconds and 0.719 of critical damping. The transducer constant is 1500 Vs/m.

Data Acquisition System

The data acquisition system consists of a Q4120 Quanterra controlling the analog to digital conversion and sampling. After sampling and filtering/decimating data is transferred to a Linux Workstation running a COMSERV data storage process. The COMSERV original is maintained by Doug Neuhauser at Berkeley. It was ported to Linux by W. Rüsing and W. Hanka at the GFZ in Potsdam. It is available as part of the SeisComP package.

Available Data Streams

The three seismometer components (Z,N,E) are sampled with 100 samples per second (SP) and 24 bit resolution (Q4124 digitizer) and are provided as short period channels. From these four more data streams are derived by low pass filtering and decimation:

    broad-band (VBB, 20 samples per second), long-period (LP, 1s interval), very-long-period (VLP, 10s interval) and ultra-long-period (ULP, 100s interval).

The ground velocity equivalent to one data count is:

stream SP, VBB, LP VLP, ULP
nm/s 1.63 0.4075