Curriculum vitae of Manfred Joswig

2005 cont head of "Institut für Geophysik", Stuttgart University
vice dean of "Fakultät für Geo- und Biowissenschaften", Stuttgart University
1999-2002 visiting assoc. Professor, Tel Aviv Univ., Dept. of Geophys. & Planet. Sci.
lectures in seismology, signal processing, and computerized learning
research in nanoseismic monitoring (CTBT-OSI, sinkholes), seismic discrimination
2003 cont. professor (C3-tenured) for "Technische Geophysik", Stuttgart University
lectures in seismology, geoscience image processing, applied geophysics, geoinformatics
research in nanoseismic monitoring, remote sensing image processing  
1999 Habilitation to "Privatdozent" at RUB, Fak. für Geowissenschaften
( seismicity in time-space analysis by methods of handling incomplete knowledge )
1995-1999 freelance works as scientific consultant
monitoring of underground nuclear explosions (CTBT), seismic processing

with additional university/research appointments
- guest scientist at SFB 267, Freie Universität Berlin                                    (1999, 3 months)
- lectureship at Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Computer Science                  (1998, 6 months)
- senior scientist at GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam                               (1997, 9 months)
- lectureship at Tel Aviv University, Dept. of Geophys. & Planet. Sci.          (1996, 3 months)
1992-1994 senior scientist at Lehrstuhl für Messtechnik of RWTH Aachen
studies and research in medical image processing (radiology, tomography, ultrasound)
1987 Promotion to Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) at RUB (grade: "sehr gut" - 1.0)
( automated measurement of earthquakes in computerized seismic networks )
1981-1992 scientist at Institut für Geophysik of RUB.
studies and research in geophysics, signal processing, artificial intelligence, cognition
1980 1/2 scientist at Lehrstuhl für Allg. E-Technik und Akustik of RUB, and
1/2 scientist at Institut für Hoch- und Höchstfrequenztechnik of RUB
1980 Diplom in physics at RUB (grade: "sehr gut" - 1.0)
( measurement of human eardrum impedance )
1971-1979 student at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and Düsseldorf, Germany
studies of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering
30. 9. 1951 born in Düsseldorf, Germany


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