Ausgewählte Publikationen

Kleinarrays & Nanoseismic Monitoring

  • Chances and limits of single-station seismic event clustering by unsupervised pattern recognition
    B. Sick; M. Guggenmos; M. Joswig
    Geophysical Journal International 201 (3) 2015
  • EGS hydraulic stimulation monitoring by surface arrays - location accuracy and completeness magnitude: the Basel Deep Heat Mining Project case study
    M. Häge, P. Blascheck & M. Joswig 
    Journal of Seismology (2013)
  • Automated classification of local earthquake data in the BUG small array
    M. Joswig
    Geophysical Journal International, 120(2)  1995
  • Pattern recognition for earthquake detection
    M. Joswig
    Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 80 (1) 1990


  • Characterizing the complexity of microseismic signals at slow-moving clay-rich debris slides: the Super-Sauze (southeastern France) and Pechgraben (Upper Austria) case studies
    N. Vouillamoz, S. Rothmund, and M. Joswig
    Earth Surf. Dynam., 6, 525-550, 2018
  • Joint analysis of the Super-Sauze (French Alps) mudslide by nanoseismic monitoring and UAV-based remote sensing
    M. Walter, U. Niethammer, S. Rothmund and M. Joswig
    First Break 27 (8) 2009
  • Seismic monitoring of fracture processes generated by a creeping landslide in the Vorarlberg Alps Normal access
    M. Walter, M. Joswig
    First Break 26 (6) 2008 

UAV Entwicklung

Eigenschwingungen der Erde

  • Signature of 3-D density structure in spectra of the spheroidal oscillation 0S2
    R. Häfner, R. Widmer-Schnidrig
    Geophysical Journal International 192(1) 2013
  • The horizontal hum of the Earth: A global background of spheroidal and toroidal modes
    D. Kurrle, R. Widmer‐Schnidrig
    Geophysical Research Letters 35(6) 2008
  • What Can Superconducting Gravimeters Contribute to Normal-Mode Seismology?
    R. Widmer-Schnidrig
    Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 93 (3) 2003